Thursday, August 11, 2005

Values Education - The State vs The Family

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Is this not abundantly obvious evidence that the left-wing establishment is systematically brainwashing kids with anti-biblical values without regard or "tolerance" for the wishes of parents who disagree with them?

All clear thinking people have realized that values are being taught in the public school arena. However, many of these people have not yet acknowledged - to themselves even - that this is not consistent with the idea which asserts that schools should teach "reading, writing, and arithmetic" and avoid teaching values altogether. Clear thinking people recognize that it is impossible and undesirable to avoid teaching values. By not teaching values, the teacher ends up teaching that values are not important. So, we can not get out of teaching values. Therefore, the values we teach ought to be just, noble, righteous, and good. I would say that the Gospel ought to be preached, for in Christ the whole universe is being held together through His powerful Word. We have been created to bring Him glory, so the entire purpose of education ought to be dedicated to His purposes.

But for those who say that the Gospel of Jesus Christ should not be preached in the school system, my question to you is this: Should the values that are being taught be in harmony with the Bible or against the Bible? Should tax dollars promote "values" that go against the teachings of Scripture? I would suspect that at very least, a fair and honest person would say that the values taught should not go against Scripture (I would hope). But then, how can so many people continue to support the left-wing establishment that is committed to the systematic anti-biblical brainwashing of kids.

Throughout the entire history of western civilization, the 10 Commandments and the values of the Bible have shaped our culture, our values, our laws, and our families. Never before in history has there been a significant push to accept gay marriage and a radical new family structure composed of mulitple dads and/or multiple moms. This is new. It goes against the Bible. It goes against the Laws of Nature. And it obviously does not have a proven track record. On the other hand, traditional marriage between one man and one woman based on the cultural mandate ordained by God Almighty in the Book of Genesis is a wonderful, blessed institution that has been enjoyed and celebrated for centuries. And now, in defiance of the Word of God; in defiance of the Laws of Nature; in defiance of the facts of history; our nation is being pressured to accept and support something totally insane. And my tax dollars are being used to promote this stupid, idiotic, godless agenda.

And a father who objects to his kindergarten kid being so indoctrinated is arrested and spends the night in jail. What's next? Shall we next set up tri-marriages, so that perverts who want to have a threesome their whole life should be allowed to marry each other. Three parents might after all be better than two. Next, we should brainwash kids with the idea that "family" is an archaic concept. Who needs a family? What we really need is a village! A village where everyone is having sex with everyone else and we have multiple dads and moms - none of whom really need to be committed. After all, they all have the right as Americans to walk out any time they want; that's obviously what our Founding Fathers were fighting for. And who am I to judge that this isn't right or good or just? How can I be so closed-minded and archaic? The village is responsible for raising children - not the family. And if a family objects to that, well, then the village will make life especially hard for that family. And if the village decides that a kid is ADD or ADHD, then no problem. Just give kids drugs! Get them hooked on Ritalin and Prozac. (Incidentally, some studies have shown that these prescribed drugs are just as dangerous if not more dangerous than cocaine). That will keep them in line. Never mind the fact that what the kid really needs is a Biblical family - one father, one mother. The kid really needs the 10 Commandments. Worship God. Work hard. Balance your life with appropriate rest. Do not kill, steal, lie, or cheat. Do not covet. Do not misuse the name of God. Put your trust in God. Accept responsibility. What the kid really needs is personal attention, discipline, and love.

I know; I know. I'm archaic and old-fashioned and closed-minded and dogmatic. I should really be more tolerant (i.e. I ought to passively accept Hillary Clinton's vision of America). I shouldn't fight for that for which Christ died. I should not impose Christ on people. I should let those who are against Christ impose their crap on a distracted, unsuspecting, conflicted, and all too often ignorant public. I should let those who have no regard for Christ control education and indoctrinate the children of the next generation with their anti-Biblical values without objection. I should be open-minded to the most inane and outrageous ideas.

John 14:6 - In reply, Jesus declared, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except by me."

His truth will continue to march on - as long as I have breath. Glory! Hallelujah!


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