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Judge Alito

This is why I have divorced myself from the Republican Party. Instead of standing up tall and unashamed with a backbone of steel and resolve on the issue of abortion, pro-life Republicans are trying to "sneak in" a Supreme Court Justice who will overturn Roe v. Wade. It is deceptive, and it is a horrible strategy that could very well backfire.

For those of you who do not know, Alito made a strong pro-life statement in 1985 as an attorney representing a pro-life client. Well, among the other problems in our legal system, lawyers do not exist to ascertain truth and to see to it that justice is done, but they exist to make a case that their client would find favorable. So, if their client does not value justice, then the lawyer's job is to make an attempt to help their client evade justice. It is a fundamental flaw in our judicial system that should be corrected. But the point is this: Now Alito is saying, "Those were my remarks as an atorney." (Who of course has no real opinion, since lawyers seem to almost categorically sell out to "the system"). Anyhow, now he won't distance himself nor confirm the strong pro-life stance.

So, I am actually finding myself in agreement with the left (whose policies I abhor - especially on abortion). But, like the left, I'm asking, "WHERE DO YOU STAND?!" Alito will not say whether or not he thinks that the Constitution protects the supposed "women's right to choose."

I want a Christian on the court who won't be ashamed of Jesus, and who won't be ashamed to say, "The just shall live by faith" (as the Book of Romans declares authoritatively) and who won't be afraid to say, "Abortion is America's holocaust."

Tragically, many Christians just don't care. Many "Christians" have a defeatist mentality. They just won't fight for justice. God have mercy on us.


Blogger MarcoConley said...

I strongly oppose the nomination of Judge Alito, or others like him, to the Supreme Court. I think it's dangerous to have too many theocracy-christians in government.

One simple reason is that, if they had their way, the nation would devolve into a theocracy that would make the Taliban look like hippies.

But perhaps even more distubing is this: if we pack the court and the congress and the executive branch with people who put Christ above government, there's liable to be a lot of inconvenience and disruption of governmental services when the rapture comes.

As someone who will probably still be on earth after all the christians spontaneously disappear, I have to think ahead. If Alito gets on the court, nearly half of the supreme court seats are going to be spontaneously vacant after a rapture-- the confirmation hearings could go on forever.

If we have a republican president, then the president and vicepresidenct will probably be missing to. We better hope that the Speaker is catholic or from california, or else we're liable to have a real constitutional crisis on our hands.

And we will need our government more than ever during the end times. The antichrist will have to create a one-world state, rebuild the temple, put barcodes on every human's hand so they can buy or sell, and a lot of other chores. And he's got to wrap it all up in just seven short years in order to get to Meggido to get his but kicked.

Is this reallly a time when we want critical roles in the US government to be unoccupied? I would submit to you that this is the time when we need the American government most. I for one, have always assumed that the antichrist will be an american president, and I think it would be very anticlimactic to get all the way to end of the book only to find out that the antichrist winded up being Kofi Annan or Boutros Boutros-Ghali, just because the Americans were dumb enough to elect a president who wouldn't be able to fulfill his duties after a rapture.

I don't think nearly enough thought is given to what society is going to be like after the rapture during the seven years of tribulation. Sure, the antichrist will rule-- but will garbage and sanitation services be disrupted? Can I expect that comcast's broadband internet prices will stay the same, or will the ultra-efficient hand-scanning barcodes make prices drop? Will my favorite tv-shows still be on the air after losing all their christian actors and staff?

The good news is that many of the science should be relatively unnaffected, and able to crank out the the discoveries as fast as usual. I think we can safely say much of the legal profession is likely to be untouched, and of course, all the buddhist, hindu, and muslim nations should be large undisturbed by the rapture. At first glance, you might think that all the christian organizations will be decimated, but if you read close-- the apostasy is going to be big after the rapture, so maybe you'll luck out and your favorite televangelist will still be on the air after the rapture.

It won't be all good news though. Despite all the doctor jokes, I'm worried that we'll lose a lot of good people in the medical profession. Pastoral counseling will be obliterated as a profession at the very time we need them most.

It's important to start looking at what sectors of society are going to be most affected by this event, and then we can start to devise a plan to compensate for the loss of manpower in vital sectors.

It's been a little difficult to get a good "In Case of Rapture" plan going though, because those who believe in the rapture don't believe they'll be on earth afterward, while those who don't believe in the rapture have no reason to plan for it. Sure, every once in a while you see a helpful motorist with a sticker warning that in the event of the rapture, his car will be unmanned--- but I question how helpful that will really be, in practical terms.

The end times are going to be chaotic enough if we don't start planning ahead. We have to start moving christians into less important jobs that have the least possible impact on society.


written with a friendly grin while under the influence of severe depression, mild antipsychotics, insomnia, and a strong dose of nyquil. M

4:31 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

I am no expert on the end times, but I do know that there will be an increase of sin (and injustice) in the world, that the anti-Christ will have a lot of power, that many will be loyal to the anti-Christ, that Christians will be pressured to deny Christ and pay homage to the anti-Christ, that the apostate church will grow in power (and be devoted to the anti-Christ), and that there will be an increase of glory in the true church even amidst horrific persecution. Christians will no doubt be persecuted to the point of death, but those who stand firm to the end will be saved.

The best way you can prepare for what is to come is to repent and put your faith and trust in Christ. You seem to be very anxious. Not having Christ, you have every reason to be anxious. But, in Christ, you can be set free from all anxiety. There remains salvation rest for all who trust in Him. If you trust in yourself or the political system or money or the people who seem to be in power at the time, you will live in a constant state of anxiety and you will be in opposition to justice. For the just shall live by faith.

I too am concerned about a theocratic government that is not truly under God, but only under God in name. I oppose such a government with all the fierceness that I can muster. But I also don't support a government whose policies are based on institutionalized anxiety. We need a Savior.

"The government shall be on His shoulders." - Isaiah

Marco, I am praying for you. Jesus loves you. Trust Him. Don't trust democracy. Don't trust money. Don't trust your own ability to handle life. You and I are sheep. But there is a Good Shepherd.

10:34 AM  
Blogger elvisfromeurope said...

Oh and marco beware of two things: Dan's church is most likely the anti-christ false church full of false prophets and SATAN and "love" in their language doesn't mean what you think it does; it means hoping you are saved in the sense that you become a drone robot with no "self" anymore full of guilt and fear since you deseve to burn forever in hell.

7:58 AM  
Blogger elvisfromeurope said...

Dan, The above two posts were ironic, at least mine was (marco was probably stoned). You may find this interesting:


11:59 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

Joe, I read that part of the article about the history of Protestantism from Luther/Calvin through the modern day situation. Very interesting. I'm glad that you are reading about Calvin and Luther. They were geniuses.

For the record, I am pretty much a Calvinist - althoug I still have not come completely to terms with the whole "Christ died for the elect" doctrine. Certainly, without Christ's death, we are all without hope. Since man is totally depraved, we can't even choose to want God without the grace of God drawing us. Salvation is completely God's doing. If it weren't, then I would have something to boast about. As it is, I am no better than you, or anyone, but God chose to show me mercy. Furthermore, I pray that He would show you the same grace and mercy.

Anyway, you have more knowledge, believe it or not, than most people (Christian or non-Christian) do.

Luther and Calvin were not the first to come up with the ideas they espoused. As the writer of the article knows, Paul wrote about this stuff 2000 years ago. It is also worth noting that St Augustine (the Catholic, I might add) also was pretty much in line with Pauline/Lutheran/Calvinist theology. So, you see, what I believe is nothing new. It is an old story. 2000 years old. God has sent His son. Jesus came. He bled and died for your sins and for mine. Christ died for sinners, of whom I am the worst, that He might show mercy on us all.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Check this out: http://www.anncoulter.com/cgi-local/welcome.cgi and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Jo_Kopechne

I don't agree with (or fully understand) everything Coulter has to say, but I certainly appreciate the remarks she makes about Ted Kennedy. Kennedy opposes Alito because of "conscience." When a man like Kennedy, who refuses to this day to take responsibility for the death of Mary Jo Kopechene, starts moralizing about "conscience," watch out! How is it that anyone who allies himself with Kennedy is not immediately dismissed from serious political debate?

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