Monday, September 05, 2005

Justice and Politics

Christopher Hitchens thinks he is pretty smart. He also thinks that he understands justice. It is his opinion that obeying God is the big problem that leads to injustice in politics. God obviously gets in the way of justice - so men of faith in the God of the Bible must deny their faith for the sake of justice. (See article:

What drives me absolutely crazy is that most evangelical Christians agree! Actually, most evangelical Christians don't have the intellect, faith, or courage to stand up and answer these godless and stupid arguments. Too many Christians actually think that in order to have justice, we must not let Supreme Court Justices be influenced by the wisdom of the Bible as they make their decisions. Rather, Supreme Court Justices must simply see to it that our Founding Father's contradicting philosophy of government (i.e. the Constitution) be upheld. Certainly, there is no higher authority above the Constitution and those men who wrote it.

I would opine that Supreme Court Justices have a duty to do justly. The Bible speaks authoritatively about justice. It says that a righteousness from heaven is revealed by faith and that the just shall live by faith. God's law is just. God is just. Basing every decision on God's word is the only way to achieve justice. To set aside the Bible is to throw out justice. To prevent Supreme Court Justices from operating in faith (with fidelity / fide) is to trample on justice. Those without faith (infidels / infide) can not do justly.

Sadly, too many Christian do not love God with all of their minds. Too many Christians do not know how to reason well. Too many Christians do not value justice. And too many Christians are intimidated by the intellect of secular heretics like Christopher Hitchens.

Christopher wants Supreme Court justices to be committed to the law and the constitution. What about justice!?!?!?! What if the law is not just? What if the Constitution is not just?

There is a higher law than the Constitution. There is God's law. There is God's Holy and Righteous Word. Those who sell their souls out to our postmodern culture will surely be judged by the Ultimate Supreme Judge.

I already hear the objections from both the liberal leftist secularist heretics and the conservative right religious heretics. "Dan, you are calling for a theocracy."

That's right. Our government should submit to God's laws. God's laws ought to be the basis for our system of government. Without God, there is not justice. If we do not base our laws on His laws, then our entire government is rooted in idolatry. A government rooted in idolatry will in one way or another put pressure on God's people to embrace idolatry. And that is just what is happening. See the public educational brainwashing scheme.

This is not just. Now, I am fully aware that persecution will simply expose who the real believers are from the non-believers. But that does not mean that those who do the persecuting are doing right, and furthermore, we Christians should not celebrate persecution. We should celebrate God when we are persecuted - but we shouldn't celebrate the evil injustice that persecution is. Inasmuch as we can do something to stop it, we should.

Conclusions: God created us all in His image and with certain rights. The reason why we have laws against murder and rape and theft and all kinds of other wickedness is for the sake of fulfilling justice. Justice is the act of rendering honor to whom honor is due. Thus, in order to be just, we must worship and praise God with all our hearts, all our souls, all our minds, and all our strength. If any man speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If we are to have a government at all, it ought to be for the purpose of glorifying God. Everything we do and say ought to be for God's glory and in accordance with the Holy Scriptures.

So, to answer Christopher's question on whether or not it would be heresy to allow a secularist (heretic) sit on the Supreme Court of the United States. The answer is: Most Definately.

May God's Kingdom come and God's will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. May God arise and His enemies be scattered.

Justice, justice, you shall pursue. You must. Or you shall burn in hell.


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