Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It is amazing to me how liberals are pro-choice on issues like gay marriage and abortion, yet anti-choice on how people choose to spend their hard earned dollars. Well, maybe they are pro-choice: pro-I'll-decide-how-to-spend-your-hard-earned-money. Liberals apparently think that the government needs to take on a parental role when it comes to the citizens handling money, yet they are so adament about keeping the government out of the personal lives of the citizens on other issues.

Of course, there is some reason (however skewed) behind the madness of liberals. The cold hard truth is that people do not handle their money very well, and very rarely do they choose to give sacrificially to the poor. At this point, I need to humble myself and start looking inwardly.

I'm excited about the series we have just started up in the Sunday morning Bible study about money. The truth is that all the money in the world belongs to God; we are merely stewards. And so, it is necessary to become excellent stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. God help us as we do.

And let us remember the poor and oppressed.


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