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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tom Cruise on Psychiatry

This is a happy day. Finally, someone in Hollywood spoke up with some sense on a serious problem facing this generation and the next generation. Go, Tom Cruise.

Check this out:

I don't have much time to talk about this now. But this is very close to my heart. Secular pshychiatry is quasi-scientific, secular, and the religion of the day. Shrinks are high priests. And if you speak out against them, people will treat you as if you have blasphemed. Ritalin is causing a lot of harm to millions of people, and yet people are turning to the drug more and more.

I heard about this on "The Savage Nation" last night. An x-psychiatrist called in testifying to his decision to quit his job and change careers, because his conscience bothered him so much. He knew that the meds he was prescribing were harmful, but he said that he was pressured to keep on giving the meds "like a good little Nazi." He finally quit.

I read up on this stuff a few months ago. Peter Breggin certainly seems to be an expert in this field, and he has some tough words about psychiatry and the meds that are being used.

More later....

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I had a pretty lively discussion with a couple Mormon guys today. It is amazing to me how a religion that is so bizarre can be so "successful." Once you suspend disbelief, people can be brainwashed to believe anything.

Hold on there, Marco... I know you are laughing at me right now. But there is a major difference between the truth of God (which does make a lot of philosophical common sense) and the bizarre fairy tales that Mormonism asserts.

The thing about the Mormons is that they are really not educated about the Bible. They say they believe in the Bible - that the original manuscripts are inspired, infallible, and authoritative, and that what we have today is a very good translation. We agree there.

But here is one of the many big inconsistencies that Mormonism has. In fact, this one issue that i will address is really the Achilles' heal of Mormonism.

Mormons deny the doctrine of the Trinity. They (rightfully) point out that the word Trinity does not appear in the Bible. They insist that Jesus is another God. That Jesus is a lesser God than "Heavenly Father." They deny the "3 in 1" idea of God.

I knew that going into this debate, so I figured, that all I would have to do is prove that Jesus is Jehovah, and I've got them.

Not quite. They readily agree with me that Jesus is Jehovah (which can be Biblically proven from John 8, where Jesus asserted, "Before Abraham, I am!" This is when the Jews picked up stones to stone Christ for blasphemy, but Jesus slipped away. The Jews understood, that when Jesus said this, He was identifying Himself as Jehovah, the God who appeared to Moses at the burning bush.

And on this point, the Mormons and I are in agreement.

But they are saying that Heavenly Father is not Jehovah. That Heavenly Father is a higher God than Jehovah. These guys did not even know that Jehovah and YHWH are the same (that the Y was changed to J and some vowels were added). They had no idea that YHWH was is such a sacred name that the ancient Jews of old would not dare utter the name, lest they take the name of the LORD in vain. On the contrary, they assert that Heavenly Father is a higher God. He is the one with the mysterious name that no one may utter. According to Mormons, Heavenly Father is "higher" than YHWH (Jesus).

So, follow me here. Mormons (wrongfully) say that Jehovah is a sub-God. That Heavenly Father is above Jehovah. Futhermore, they (rightly) say that Jesus is Jehovah. So, if it can be proven biblically, that Heavenly Father is Jehovah, then their entire doctrine falls apart. If this can be proven, the Mormon with integrity will admit his faulty doctrine, recognize the authority of Scripture, and repent for believing and preaching a heretical doctrine.

But the Mormons without integrity will then throw out logic, ignore what Scripture plainly teaches, and probably start blabbing on about some Joe Smith dude.

In Psalm 110:1, David says (under the inspiration of God), "The LORD says to my Lord; 'Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.'"

I am fairly certain that in all cases when you see the word "LORD" (in all caps) in the Bible, we are talking about YHWH (Jehovah). If not in all cases, then certainly in most. On this fine point, I am not enough of a scholar to tell for sure.

But I am pretty certain that in this case, the word "LORD" is referring to YHWH.

"Lord" refers to "Master." Jesus quotes this Psalm in Matthew 22:41-46. It is clear that the "Lord" to whom the "LORD" was talking was Jesus - the Messiah - the Christ. And thus, Mormonism falls a part. Because Mormons assert that Christ is YHWH and that YHWH is a separate God from Heavenly Father. Yet, here we see LORD (YHWH) addressing David's Lord (Christ and therefore also YHWH). It is clear then that YHWH was talking to YHWH.

This is a strong case for the Trinity nature of God - 3 persons, 1 God. Mormons try to use verses like this to show that there are multiple gods. But they also say that Jesus is Jehovah. And so, in Pslam 110, Jehovah is talking to Jehovah.

I invite and challenge all Mormons to analyze, pray about, and consider this argument. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

I also challenge everyone - especially Mormons - to do a study of the names of God in the Old Testament - particularly the book of Genesis.

We Protestants have ministers who actually go to seminary and study this stuff. They learn Hebrew and Greek and they read the Bible in the original language. I have heard it said that to read the Bible in Hebrew is like seeing the movie in color. But you need not be a Hebrew scholar to do a study on the Names of God in the Old Testament. The Names of God are extremely significant, and it is important that you aren't haphazard about it. It is important not to make stuff up as you go along, so you can win a debate, and further cement yourself into your heretical doctrines. Read the book of Genesis very slowly and carefully and prayerfully. Everytime you get to a name of God, think about the significance of the Name. Learn some basic Hebrew. I promise you, you will learn a lot.

Mormons must have a horrible track record with Jews. We Christians are not doing a lot better, but there are a good many Messianic Jews who believe that Yahshua is the Messiah. Mormons could learn a thing or two from them. I would like to see a Mormon try to tell a Messianic Jew that YHWH is not the Supreme God - that there is a Heavenly Father above Jehovah.

C'mon. Joe Smith made up some bizarre fairy tale back in the 1800's, claimed prophetic authority, and really failed to train his followers how to answer questions about Jehovah, and now millions of well-dressed bicycle riders propagate their heretical doctrines on unsuspecting and ignorant people, who buy into it hook, line, and sinker. And all the while, with all the millions of Mormons who have studied the Bible, has it ever occurred to you, that you've really screwed up the identity of YHWH?

Now be courageous. Don't go back to your Mormon circle to get the answers there. Do some praying for yourself. Some thinking for yourself. Study the Bible outside of the Mormon camp. Read this blog. Quit simply parroting the talking points that you've been trained to spout. Study philosophy. Get involved in politics. Consider God holistically. Take a balanced approach to life.

I have nothing but compassion for Mormons. They have been severely and systematically brainwashed. I pity them. I pray for them.

Mormons, precious Mormons, the truth is right in front of your face in the precious words of the Bible. Read it well. Study it well. And do that study on the Names of God in Genesis. Ask YHWH to reveal Himself to you. It is not about a burning bosom experience. It is not about psychological manipulation. It is about faith in YHWH, the Creator and sustainer of life.

And remember, I've got nothing but love for ya'll.