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Friday, May 18, 2007

Christoher Hitchens is an Evil Atheistic Jerk and Fox News is an Idolatrous Organization

Jerry Falwell has died - God rest his soul.

And Fox News invited the outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens on Hannity and Colmes to express his hatred for Jerry Falwell.


In response, I wrote this email to Sean Hannity:


Why in the world was Christoher Hitchens invited on your show and given an arena to express his evil atheistic hatred of Jerry Falwell? You rebuked him on the air, but you could have just as well rebuked him in a private conversation or in a private letter. I'll tell you why he was invited on the air: Ratings. Frankly, sir, you disgust me.

The Bible says, "Do not rebuke a fool according to his folly or you will be like him yourself."
The Bible also says, "Rebuke a fool according to his folly or he will be wise in his own eyes."

This calls for wisdom - wisdom that you obviously do not have.

To rebuke Christopher Hitchens on the air was just foolishness. By doing so, you were being foolish. Not as foolish as Christopher Hitchens, but that's not saying much. You should have rebuked him in private.

But again, it is all coming down to ratings - isn't it? Disgusting.

Wise up!

Proverbs 1:7 - "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline."

The past couple years, I have spent some time (too much time) on atheist blogs. If Christians were half as intelligent and half as determined as the average atheist blogger, we would be making a lot of progress. That said, atheist bloggers are among the most smug, most arrogant, and most hateful people in our nation. Being convinced of the atheist case, they think that they are way above the average Joe - especially the average Joe evangelical. Besides the truth that atheism is false (which just makes them look silly), they are arrogant.

Now, to be fair, I have known atheists that I was friends with, and while they too were somewhat arrogant, they weren't nearly as arrogant or mean as these atheist bloggers.

What's so ironic is that they rail against "bigotry." Of course, if you believe in Jesus Christ, then you are a bigot. If you hold to the idea that truth is absolute, then you are a bigot. That is, if you are a Christian and you hold to the idea that truth is absolute, then you are a bigot. But, of course, if you are an atheist, and you hold to the idea that truth is absolute, then you are not bigot - you are reasonable.

It is amazing how atheists claim the intellectual high ground and boast of how "reasonable" they are. This, coupled with their arrogance, and it takes a lot of effort to show these people that deductive reasoning has nothing to say about presuppositions.

But besides their inability to distinguish between truth and validity, they are mean-spirited and arrogant bigots. They are self-righteous. They are totally depraved.

O atheists! Repent and believe the gospel!

And be nice!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dear Senator Obama,

I heard you speak for the first time when you spoke at the DNC during Kerry's campaign for the White House. I also just watched your speech about faith and politics on your website.

Let me be upfront: I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and I hold to the inerrancy of Scripture.
You strike me as a sincere idealist who truly believes in what he says and does. I appreciate this. However, you also appear to be completely blind to the fact that you are patronizing us who have a fundamental faith commitment to Jesus Christ.

Fundamentally, you are more committed to pluralism and democracy than you are committed to Jesus Christ. This is idolatry of which you need to repent.

I challenge you to read deeply and meditate on the Word of God. God's truth is total truth. There is no room for any form of "secularism" (philosophically or in practice) when you are dealing with the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible is holy, set a part for His own purposes. And He has commanded us: "Be holy, for I am holy."

My faith commitment is not a flimsy emotional commitment; nor is it merely a matter of rhetoric. Rather, I am totally dependent on God to have a proper view of truth and reality. And, whether you realize it or not, so are you. Truth and reality are not subjective; they are objective.

The logical and practical conclusions of these assertions will lead you in a radically different life direction than the one you are taking, but allow me to skip through that and just discuss one important issue.

Abortion. The only question that needs to be asked here is this: Is the unborn baby a human person or not? Note that this is not a scientific question. This is a philosophical and theological question. If the unborn baby is a human person, then we must stand up for his fundamental right to life, just as we do for all other people. For the baby is created in the image of God with dignity and value.

In our history, there was a time when people did not recognize the personhood of African-Americans. Now - thanks be to God - we do. How is it that we hold to the axiom that those who are born deserve to be protected by law, but those who are not born, do not? The wrath of God is being provoked, for we are a nation with blood on her hands. And you, by your pro-choice stance, are approving of murder.

You are a role model for millions and millions of people. You have great rhetorical gifts, and you have the capacity to inspire millions of people. Particularly, in the African-American community, you are a role model and a leader. If you do not repent for your pro-choice stance and stand up for the lives of the unborn, not only do you condemn yourself by your words and deeds, but you will lead millions of others down the road of destruction and death. A culture that does not stand for life will be given over to death. This is the wrath of God. With all due respect, sir, come to the cross of Christ, and have a talk with the God of Scripture, and not with the God-construct that you have invented in your head. Repent.