Dan's Meditations

Friday, March 09, 2007

Why I'm Disgusted By the Republican Party

Seven of the nine current Supreme Court Justices have been appointed by Republicans, and Roe is still the law of the land. How is it that people think that Republicans are pro-life?

Justice John Paul Stevens - President Ford - 1975
Justice Antonin Scalia - President Reagan - 1986
Justice Anthony Kennedy - President Reagan - 1988
Justice David Souter - President George H.W. Bush - 1990
Justice Clarence Thomas - President George H.W. Bush - 1991
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - President Clinton - 1993
Justice Stephen Breyer - President Clinton - 1994
Chief Justice John Roberts - President George W. Bush - 2005
Justice Samuel Alito - President George W. Bush - 2006

God save the all-too-often dishonorable Supreme Court!

If our generation consecrates ourselves to God and consistently engage our culture, we could turn this horrible trend around. As it is, we have essentially asked God to pour out His wrath on us, and He is doing it.

Psalm 58